What are common reasons for fatal plane crashes?


If you lost a close family member in a plane crash, contact a wrongful death attorney today for a free and confidential case review. They may be able to help your family get a measure of closure by receiving a settlement from those responsible for the accident. Aviation safety regulations and modern aircraft ensure that the total number of annual plane crashes in the U.S. is relatively low in comparison to the number of flights that encounter no problems. Very often, when a plane crash occurs it was due to an avoidable error. As a result, fatalities can needlessly occur. A wrongful death attorney is aggressive in pursuing justice and in determining who should be held responsible.


Aviation accidents are not always fatal. A jet can land and swerve off the runway before coming to a complete stop with no more than a few injuries among the passengers and crew. Even midair collisions between privately owned and operated small planes do not guarantee fatalities. However, as our wrongful death attorney knows very well, there have been a wide range of scenarios in which the ending was not so positive. Here are some common examples of why a plane crash sometimes occurs and who should be held liable for the fatal injuries that result:


  •         Runway incursion. This is an incident in which a vehicle, person, or an aircraft is on a runway when a plane is taking off or landing on that same runway. If the control tower or ground control mistakenly authorized the other plane, equipment, or person to be there then they may be held liable for the resulting injuries. Your wrongful death attorney may name them as a defendant.
  •         Midair collision. Your wrongful death attorney must determine which plane was where it was authorized to be and which plane was not. Also, pilots are expected to turn right to avoid an oncoming aircraft. The collision may have occurred because one of the pilots did not make the correct avoidance maneuver. If the at-fault pilot was also fatally injured, if they were a private pilot then your wrongful death attorney may recommend suing their estate. If they were a commercial pilot, wrongful death attorney may recommend suing their employer.
  •         Faulty aircraft part. There is a history of defective aircraft parts or systems failing while in-flight. Your wrongful death attorney may determine that the manufacturer was aware or should have been aware that their product was faulty and was at risk for causing serious injuries or death should it experience a catastrophic failure.
  •         Pilot error. Despite the advancements in automation of aircraft systems, pilot error can still come into play. Cockpit voice recorder tapes and communication transmissions between the crew and a control tower may reveal that this was the cause of the crash. Your wrongful death attorney may name the airline as a defendant for improperly training the flight crew.

If you lost a loved one in a fatal plane crash, contact a wrongful death lawyer Trenton, NJ offers to learn what legal options your family has in the wake of your tragic loss.


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