Ways to Identify Poor Quality Care at a Nursing Home Facility

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Not all nursing home facilities are the same. Some may be better equipped with compassionate staff to take care of residents than others. Family members who have a loved one in a nursing home or are considering placement, may want to perform thorough research before choosing a facility. If your loved one is already in a nursing home, there are ways to identify whether poor quality care, abuse or neglect may be happening.

If you find that your elderly loved one is receiving less than ideal care, depending on what happened you may have a cause for a lawsuit against the facility. Those who are worried about their loved one’s well being, may contact a bedsore lawyer Trenton, NJ chooses for advice on how to take legal action.

Q: Is it normal for the nursing home to have a high turnover rate?

A: High turnover rates for nursing home facilities is a fairly prevalent issue. The facility may have trouble keeping staff due to caregivers feeling overly stressed and burn-out. While this is a common thread among many nursing homes, it can be a cause for concern if your loved one has a newly assigned caregiver every week. Consistent staff and resident pairing is an important component for ensuring your loved one is getting quality and reliable care.  

Q: What if my loved one refuses to be helped by a certain caregiver?

A: Your loved one should not feel uneasy or distressed at the idea of a certain caregiver tending to him or her. Even if your loved one suffers from a cognitive illness, take these statements very seriously, file a report, and ask your lawyer how you can investigate further. Do not leave your loved one alone with this staff member. A resident reacting this way about a caregiver may be a red flag that abuse or neglect is occurring.

Q: Whenever I call the staff never pick up, what’s the issue?

A: Delays in answering the phone may mean there is not enough caregivers present to take care of everything that must be done. If it is difficult for you to get through to your loved one via phone, it may be even worse when it comes to how prompt they are at attending to resident’s needs. Following up with a supervisor or management staff about the wait you are experiencing, and if things continue you may want to consider putting your loved one into a home that is not as stretched thin.

Q: What if I just have an overall bad feeling about the facility?

A: If you get an ill feeling about a nursing home even if they have not done anything obviously wrong yet, listen to it. Sometimes, our body picks up cues in the environment that we are not consciously aware of, leading to bad feelings as if something is not quite right. If you get a negative impression or gut reaction, it may be time to look deeper into your loved one’s care.

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