Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer New Jersey

Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer New Jersey

Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer New JerseyThere is no doubt based on national statistics that nursing home abuse and neglect are on the rise. One of the types of neglect and abuse each New Jersey nursing home negligence lawyer at Davis & Brusca, LLC handle is malnutrition. Elderly residents are usually in a weakened state to begin with, at greater risk of infections and other illnesses. Age and medical conditions usually mean a weakened immune system.

But a nursing home resident who does not receive the proper nutrition is a great risk of illness and death. Most of the malnutrition cases that occur in nursing homes is due to underfeeding residents, despite federal regulations on what nursing homes are required to provide for residents.

If your elderly loved one is showing signs of malnutrition, contact our office today to find out how a New Jersey nursing home negligence lawyer can help. In the meantime, the following is a brief overview of nursing home malnutrition.

How Does Malnutrition Occur

When a person does not get the right kinds of food or not enough food, they will eventually suffer from malnutrition. One of the main causes of nursing home malnutrition is understaffing. When there are not enough employees to make sure that all residents are fed, and that these residents actually eat their meals, some residents will be overlooked.

Other reasons why a nursing home resident could be suffering from malnutrition include:

There are both physical and mental symptoms that a resident with malnutrition may exhibit. The physical symptoms include:

Cognitive symptoms include:

Preventing Malnutrition

There is no reason why a resident should suffer with malnutrition. As a nursing home injury lawyer NJ trusts can explain, it is the legal responsibility of the nursing home to take care of the residents in their care. Every nursing home should do the following:

Contact a New Jersey Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer for Help

If you believe your elderly loved one has been injured due to negligence of nursing home staff, contact a compassionate nursing home negligence lawyer New Jersey residents recommend from Davis & Brusca, LLC to find out what legal recourse your family may have against those responsible for your loved one’s injuries. To schedule a free and confidential consultation, contact our office today.

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