Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Trenton, NJ

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Trenton, NJ

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Trenton, NJThose who drive motorcycles as means of transportation or for leisure do not expect to find themselves hit by a car while riding. Many come to Davis & Brusca, LLC to discuss their case about recovering compensation from the liable party. Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Trenton, NJ have seen many, many cases over the years. We know that these types of personal injury cases can be very stressful, but we also know how important it is to secure financial compensation after a very serious injury.

Unfortunately, people who ride motorcycles are vulnerable and lack the protections one would find while riding in a car. This makes any accident between a motorcycle and a car even more devastating, with the most severe injuries generally being inflicted on the motorcycle rider.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

Some of the more common injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents can include road rash, broken bones, injuries to the lower extremities, traumatic head injuries, and injuries to the spinal cord.

Even if a motorcyclist is impeccably careful while riding, they risk being hit by a driver who is either on their phone, not paying attention, not using their mirrors, or not remembering to look over their shoulder before turning. A distracted or negligent driver may be held financially accountable for causing a negative impact on your everyday life.

Immediately after an accident, you should see your doctor so they can assess your injuries and document them. Without this documentation, it can be very difficult to prove in a claim that you sustained injuries. When you hire a motorcycle accident lawyer, your lawyer will likely ask for copies of these forms to submit as evidence.

What To Do After an Accident

1) Check your body for any injuries
2) Get out of the street or roadway from other cars
3) Gather information from the driver (name, phone number, car make and model, insurance)
4) Call the Trenton, NJ police
5) File a statement about the incident
6) Talk to nearby witnesses if there are any (and hopefully get their information too)
7) Do not admit fault for the accident

Hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is another important step to consider after an accident. If you are severely injured and cannot accomplish all of these tasks, a motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm may assist you after you’ve received the medical care you need. If you’ve sustained injuries that result in temporary or permanent disability, a lawyer may be able to secure a settlement for you to cover future expenses.

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