How to Respond if You Are Hit by a Commercial Truck

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Car drivers who have been struck by a commercial truck driver, can rely on the experience of an attorney. We understand that you may have sustained agonizing injuries, in which medical costs have put you in substantial debt. What many car drivers may not realize, is they may be entitled to receive compensation from the truck driver or trucking company for the accident. If the truck driver was at-fault, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation for the harms and losses sustained, which, in some cases, is maximized only by filing a lawsuit.

Here in the article below, we have summarized how to respond if you or a loved one is ever hit by a commercial truck driver.

Stay Calm, Call 9-1-1

In the immediate aftermath of a commercial truck accident, it is highly recommended that you call 9-1-1 right away. Try to remain calm, assess yourself for injuries, and wait for police and a medical team to arrive. Bear in mind that what seems like “minor” pain at the scene, may be the precursor to a serious injury which is being masked by the endorphins produced by your body as a result of the crash event.  Being hit by a commercial truck that weighs approximately twenty (20) times more than the average passenger vehicle can be incredibly scary, and can easily cause life-threatening injuries.

How Our Body Works

Our body may respond to particularly traumatic events by going into “fight or flight” mode. This is where our system may be flushed with adrenaline and other hormones, in an attempt to either combat or flee the threatening situation that has unfolded. However, these hormones may make it more challenging to determine the severity and range of injuries until a later time, once our body has had time to return to a calmer state. As such, it is better to report any physical symptoms and to get checked out promptly.

Exchange Information

If you feel well enough to talk with the truck driver, you can while waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive. If you are seriously hurt, do not worry about exchanging information with the driver. An attorney understands that if you were rushed to the hospital, you may have skipped this step. When the officer shows up, he or she can take down the trucker’s details for you that you can use to reference later on. But, if you are relatively okay then remember to get these details from the trucker:

  • First and last name
  • Driver’s license number
  • Current address
  • Insurance carrier and policy number
  • Truck license plate
  • Trucking company name

Obtaining Legal Assistance

While you are certainly not obligated to speak with an attorney, seeking the assistance of  an attorney can help and can take a tremendous weight off of your shoulders.  Attempting to balance talking with your insurance company, healing from injuries, and figuring out how to go about filing a lawsuit on your own, can be too much for most people to achieve alone.  The lawyers at Davis & Brusca, LLC are proud to be a truck accident lawyer Trenton, NJ relies on to help those injured by the negligence of commercial trucks. 



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