How can a truck accident lawyer prove my case?

Trucking Accident Lawyer Trenton, NJ

Truck accidents are devastating. Many of these collisions involve commercial trucks weighing over 80,000 pounds and small, sedan style cars. The injuries sustained are often life changing, if not fatal. Sadly, up to 60% of truck accidents are the result of negligence, on part of the driver or truck company. When this is true, the victims may be able to pursue a personal injury claim for monetary compensation.

Cases involving commercial trucks tend to be cumbersome and rife with obstacles that need to be carefully navigated for the best results. Yes, you can pursue a case like this on your own if you are the victim, but you should not. The smart decision will be to ask a truck accident lawyer for advice on what to do next.

Proving Your Case

Even if you are absolutely sure that the driver of the truck caused the accident, your word is not enough. A truck accident lawyer, working on behalf of you, must be able to present evidence that establishes negligence was the cause of the crash and your injuries.

Evidence that can prove a claim will vary, depending on the circumstances of the case. A truck accident lawyer may review the following to gather evidence that backs your case and makes your defense irrefutable:

  • Review of police reports
  • Examination of log books
  • Assessment of delivery receipts
  • Obtaining company records
  • Analyze black box data
  • Review video surveillance footage, dashboard camera, or other camera footage
  • Interview witnesses
  • Turn to accident reconstruction experts and other investigators
  • Obtain police records, including arrest and conviction records, if the driver was (or has been) charged with a crime

It is likely for the trucking company to be anything less than cooperative, especially when there is a lot at stake. As a truck accident lawyer, we are patient, tactful, and dedicated to each and every case.

Common Losses Incurred By Truck Accident Victims

The losses resulting from a truck accident can be extensive and have a domino-like effect on the victim’s life. For years, even decades to come, these losses can supercede everything else and cause immaculate amounts of stress and worry. A good truck accident lawyer will be familiar with these types of losses and able to build a case that has considered the present and future. Losses that may be remunerated for include:

  • Medical bills
  • Prospective medical treatment
  • Home health assistance
  • Lost wages/loss of income
  • Intangible losses
  • Disfigurement/disability
  • Future losses

A Lawyer Can Help You

Truck accident lawyers know how to effectively prepare a case the represents a client in the best light, and as a result, maximum damages may be recovered. If you’re unsure about how to recover compensation that covers all of your losses, call a trucking accident lawyer Trenton, NJ trusts at Davis & Brusca, LLC to explore your options today.