Elder Abuse Lawyer NJ

Elder Abuse Lawyer NJ Elder Abuse Lawyer NJ

If you suspect or have proof of elder abuse or neglect in a long-term or skilled care facility, help is available. If you have questions or concerns about nursing home abuse and what action you should take to put an end to this horrible mistreatment of someone you love, make sure to seek immediate help from an attorney with a focus on nursing home abuse and negligence. Here, a New Jersey elder abuse lawyer from Davis & Brusca, LLC provides answers to some common questions.

How do nursing home staffers take advantage of the elderly?

Elderly citizens residing in nursing homes are frequently in a physically or mentally fragile state, or both. These people depend on the help of nursing home staff for many daily tasks, including getting out of bed, grooming, toileting, getting dressed, eating, receiving health care, and much more. As vulnerable as they are, they may not be able to fight back against abuse.

This power dynamic makes aging nursing home residents unable to fend for themselves and at the mercy of nursing home staffers, at times. In these troubling and appalling circumstances, nursing home personnel may take advantage of their fragility and vulnerability to physically, sexually, emotionally, or financially abuse them. If you see an instance of abuse or are suspicious of foul play in an elderly loved one’s skilled care facility, you are well-advised to take action as soon as possible. Call a NJ elder abuse lawyer for help. 

What are the common signs or symptoms of nursing home abuse?

If you suspect foul play, abuse, or negligence occurring in your elder loved one’s nursing home facility, be on high alert for some of the common signs of abuse. Whatever form the abuse takes, numerous signs may indicate a problem. Common signs and symptoms of abuse include:

If you notice any of these signs or any other suspicious or unusual behaviors, it is time to take action. 

What should I do if I suspect nursing home abuse?

If you suspect or observe nursing home abuse, you need to take immediate action. The health and well-being of elderly nursing home residents is already tenuous, and if they do not receive adequate care, their very lives are at risk. If you feel that the situation is intolerable, you can remove your loved one from the care of that facility, at least temporarily. At least you will know he or she is no longer under threat. 

Once his or her safety is secured, report the facility to your state’s nursing home abuse hotline. They will ensure that the nursing home is investigated and assessed. Then, contact a knowledgeable and experienced Elder Abuse Lawyer NJ families trust from Davis & Brusca, LLC to protect the rights of your loved one. You’ll also be helping all of the elderly residents in that facility, as violations of care are usually not restricted to just one resident. A nursing home injury lawyer NJ clients recommend is practiced at protecting elders and will go to trial, if necessary, to fight for the care they need and deserve.

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