Can the heirs hire separate wrongful attorneys?


A law firm represents heirs in wrongful death cases who are in need of an experienced attorney. They have helped many individuals and families whose loved ones suffered fatalities in avoidable accidents and can help you pursue justice against the person or company that took your family member’s life.


Heirs have the legal right to hire their own, individual attorney or law firm to represent their best interests in a wrongful death suit against the alleged perpetrator or party responsible for the victim’s passing. In some instances, when intra-family hostilities are great, it may be necessary to hire separate attorneys. However, there are several caveats that should be considered by all involved.


  1.       Not everyone in the family may be eligible to hire a wrongful death attorney to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. A court or Judge may have to decide who can move forward with legal action. If there is more than one heir who is authorized to file the suit, they will have the option of hiring separate legal counsel should they decided to choose that path.
  2.       If their loved one was killed by a person who had very little insurance coverage, a wrongful death attorney may advise that the court costs and fees of multiple attorneys may exceed the amount of damages that are recoverable. It may make more financial sense for the family to hire one wrongful death attorney to represent all of the heirs. If in the course of investigating the cause of the accident the attorney discovers there is more than one culpable party, then that may result in a larger settlement for each heir.
  3.       By working together with one wrongful death attorney or law firm, the heirs can pool information and resources to help their case. As a team, they may be able to achieve a better outcome than if they spend their energy fighting one another.
  4.       A coordinated legal strategy may lead to a more positive outcome. With one wrongful death attorney representing all of the heirs, there is less likely to be conflicting accounts of what happened. In addition, if a jury detects that the heirs are fighting amongst one another, that may lead them to question if one or more of the heirs is telling the truth.
  5.       Not every law firm is created the same. Wrongful death cases require knowledge about different areas of the law as compared to others. When a family chooses an attorney to represent the heirs, they can feel confident in knowing that a wrongful death attorney has a successful track record in getting justice for victims. You will only have one chance at seeking retribution from the negligent party—make it count.


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