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Bedsore Lawyer NJBedsore Lawyer NJ

If you are concerned about a loved one in a nursing home with bedsores, you should seek the help of a bedsore lawyer NJ residents trust from Davis & Brusca, LLC. Bedsores are commonly caused by prolonged weight being applied to an area of the body. These ulcers can develop through pressure alone, or from friction and shearing of the skin. What many family members may not realize, is that bedsores can be one of the first signs of nursing home neglect. Residents with limited ability to move on his or her own may not be able to feel areas of pressure or adjust themselves when in an uncomfortable position. When caregivers fail to move the resident regularly, bedsores can quickly start to develop and worsen without treatment.

A New Jersey bedsore lawyer understands family members may not want to initially believe that their loved one is suffering from nursing home neglect. It can be devastating to find out that what you once thought was a safe and compassionate place has turned into a nightmare for your elderly relative.

The Residents Most At-Risk for Bedsores

Residents who have limited mobility or rely on caretakers for everyday living may be more at-risk for having bedsores. Caretakers must be especially attentive to these residents to reduce the chances of bedsores developing. If bedsores are observed, this is to be documented so the resident can receive proper treatment. If you feel as though your loved one is not getting the attention he or she needs, which has led to the bedsores, do not hesitate to contact us to speak with a NJ bedsore lawyer.

The First Cause: Pressure

Doctors may refer to bedsores as pressure ulcers or sores. Residents who must lay down or sit in one position for an extended duration of time, may be putting too much weight on an area of his or her body. Eventually, the skin layers may become damaged from this force, leading to painful ulcers or sores. Body parts that are more vulnerable to bedsores due to pressure can include:

The Second Cause: Shearing

Shearing happens when two different surfaces are moved in opposite directions against the other. Residents in a nursing home who are being moved or lifted into a seat/wheelchair may sustain bedsores due to friction. Shearing can impact blood vessels, preventing tissues from receiving nutrients. Caregivers must be aware of not only repositioning the resident, but being careful when moving him or her from one spot to another. Inexperienced or under-trained staff may cause a bedsore by not using proper lifting techniques.

A bedsore lawyer NJ residents rely on is likely to recommend that you follow up with a doctor about any bedsores you see, and request documentation that shows your loved one is receiving treatment. Paperwork related to the bedsores can be used as evidence if you decide to sue the facility for nursing home neglect. Please call us right away if you are worried about your senior relative. We will do what we can to help protect them from further neglect. To set up an appointment, call a bedsore lawyer in NJ from Davis & Brusca, LLC now.

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