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Bedsore Lawyer NJIf your senior relative has developed a bedsore while living in a nursing home, it is crucial that you understand the cause of why this may be happening and speak with a NJ bedsore lawyer from Davis & Brusca, LLC. In many cases, bedsores stem from nursing home neglect when caregivers fail to move the resident frequently enough to relieve areas of pressure. Around one in every ten nursing home residents may suffer from a painful bedsore at one point or another. Bedsores are preventable and treatable, so instances where they develop or become infected are unacceptable and cause for concern.

Distraught family members often meet with a trusted bedsore lawyer in New Jersey from Davis & Brusca, LLC wanting to know about how they can protect their senior relative from nursing home neglect that involves bedsores. We have been dedicated to protecting the health and happiness of seniors and their families for many years. We can give you thorough and empathetic legal guidance in how to handle suspected incidents of neglect.

Do Not Take Bedsores Lightly

It may come as a surprise for family members to hear that bedsores are incredibly serious. These ulcers can lead to health complications and even death if left untreated. Bedsores are damaged skin caused by certain areas of the body enduring prolonged and excessive pressure. Areas that are particularly bony are vulnerable to developing bedsores, such as ankles, heels, tailbone, back and hips. A NJ bedsore lawyer can answer questions you have related to identifying bedsores.

Sustained Pressure vs Friction

Bedsores can occur when the resident is immobile for far too long, either in the laying down or sitting position and are caused by sustained pressure. On the other hand, some bedsores may develop when the resident’s skin is dragged in an abrupt manner along a surface such as during a repositioning or lifting into a wheelchair. Caregivers that are inexperienced, may move a resident without proper technique or gentleness.

Investigating Further

Caregivers may try to talk you out of being concerned through reassuring you bedsores are just common for residents who cannot move very far without help. Family members who see bedsores on their elderly loved ones may want to investigate further with assistance from a NJ bedsore lawyer to confirm whether neglect is actually the root of the problem. Despite what caregivers may try to convince you of, bedsores are not normal and should not be shrugged off as minor.

Other Factors

Caregivers are responsible for moving and repositioning residents to help prevent bedsores. They are also there to provide clean bedding and unsoiled clothing at all times. A resident that is left to sit in dirty clothes or sheets while having bedsores may begin to see a serious infection developing. There is often more to the story that is contributing to the bedsores than just the ulcers themselves. The nursing home staff may be negligent, insensitive, overworked, and lack proper training.

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