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Bed Sore Lawyer Trenton, NJ


The law office of Davis & Brusca, LLC has worked on nursing home neglect cases for many years, fighting for the rights of folks who have been neglected and even deprived of life’s basic necessities. A compassionate bed sore lawyer serving Trenton, New Jersey at Davis & Brusca, LLC knows that when your loved one requires the care of a nursing home, you want them to be treated with dignity.  You expect them to be treated with respect. And they deserve the best medical care. 


Sadly, many nursing homes fall short of this standard.  When that happens, trust our experienced and compassionate legal team to fight for you.  We hold nursing homes accountable for the wrongful actions of their staff and employees. At Davis & Brusca, LLC, we take your loved one’s rights seriously. We can help you fight against nursing home neglect and will seek compensation for the harm they have caused.


What is nursing home neglect?

Before contacting a bed sore lawyer in Trenton, NJ, you probably became aware that something was off at your loved one’s nursing home. Perhaps they are acting out of character or their condition seems to be worsening for no reason. So what are the types of neglect in a nursing home facility?  Here are some examples of neglect our team sees on an all too frequent basis:

Signs of Nursing Home Neglect


Most of our seniors end up in a nursing home because they require a greater level of care than the family can provide.  One factor driving this is usually the demands of everyday life and work. Because the time available to spend with a loved one may be limited, it may be hard for even the most involved folks to see the warning signs of neglect before harm sets in.  To try to help, we’ve provided a short list of some of the more common signs below. If you see signs from this list or otherwise suspect neglect or abuse, take immediate action. The sooner you call our office and connect with a Trenton, NJ bed sore lawyer, the sooner we can help. So, what are some of the warning signs?

Also bear in mind that research indicates that elderly nursing home patients who are often visited by friends and family are at a lower risk for experiencing neglect or abuse by a nursing home. By visiting more frequently, a resident may be  less likely to be abused.  


What can I do if I suspect neglect?

Neglecting the elderly in a nursing home is not only immoral, but it is against the law. If you suspect your loved one has been a victim of neglect, contact Davis & Brusca, LLC as soon as you can so that we can fight for your loved one’s rights. The attorneys at Davis & Brusca, LLC are not only dedicated to fighting for victims of neglect in nursing homes, but they are compassionate to their needs and will pursue the compensation your loved one deserves. Call our office today for a confidential consultation and let a bed sore lawyer Trenton, NJ families trust fight for you!


Bedsores in Nursing Homes


Bedsores are both painful and can be potentially fatal for people who are bedridden or confined to wheelchairs, such as nursing home residents. Bedsores are caused by the constant pressure of the victim’s weight reducing the blood supply to skin and tissue underneath the skin. Without the flow of blood, the tissues die and then break apart, causing an open wound. Not only are bedsores painful, but they also present a high risk of dangerous infections. Although some bedsores are unpreventable, a bed sore lawyer in Trenton, New Jersey from Davis & Brusca, LLC knows that they can also be an indicator that a nursing home resident is being neglected. When a patient cannot move on their own, they need the help of nursing home staff to turn on a regular basis to avoid bedsores.


What Are Bedsores?


Bedsores are also referred to as decubitus ulcers, pressure sores, and pressure ulcers. They usually form in areas where there is less muscle or body fat between skin and bone. Common locations where bedsores develop are the elbows, heels, hips, shoulder blades, spine, and tailbone. Bedsores develop in stages:


  1. Stage 1: There is a darkened area of skin that can be tender and painful to touch. If left untreated, this area will turn into an ulcer (bleeding sore).
  2. Stage 2: A fluid-filled or ruptured blister develops where the secondary and outer layers of skin have worn away.
  3. Stage 3: A hole forms in the skin, exposing fat tissue and yellow dead tissue. There is often deeper tissue damage beyond the hole.
  4. Stage 4: The wound is now so deep that bone, muscle, and tendons are often exposed.

When a bedsores are left untreated, bedsores can cause a dangerous and potentially fatal infection known as “sepsis.” This is a result of bacteria entering the victim’s bloodstream through the open bedsore. Patients can also develop a very aggressive cancer – squamous cell carcinoma – from chronic bedsores.


When a patient has stage 1 or stage 2 bedsores, treatment involves cleaning and dressing the wound, as well as relieving the pressure in the area where the bedsore is. If the bedsore develops into stage 3 or 4, surgery will be necessary to remove the damaged and infected tissue and repair the ulcer. This procedure – called flap reconstruction – involves taking a piece of the patient’s skin, muscle, or other tissue and grafting it to cover the wound and provide a cushion for the affected bone.


As a Trenton NJ bed sore lawyer can explain, there are specific federal regulations in place that ensure nursing home residents do not develop bedsores, requiring hygienic, nutritional, and medical care be followed. Exceptions are only if the facility can show that the resident’s condition made developing bedsores unavoidable.


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